It can be difficult to find the best Android apps.

We can help. Our experts have spent years combing the Google Store to find the best Android apps. They’ve also tested them extensively to determine which ones are really useful and add a little extra zest to your life.

The top Android photo editors and camera apps

These are our top Android apps for editing, sorting, and shooting photos and videos. If you are looking for more, check out

Glitch Lab

No Charge + $6.49/PS5.99 IAP

GlitchLab is a photo editor that offers a wide range of digital glitch effects. This app is not unlike others. While the effects aren’t for everyone, it’s one of the best and most versatile ways to make your photos look retro or glitchy.

This Android app has over 100 effects. Many of them can be customized, so your glitches will not look the same as others.

To demonstrate its power, you can even create an image from scratch using a variety of effects and tweaks.

Even though there are many options, the Pro IAP costs $6.49/PS5.99. To get the most out of Glitch Lab, you will need the Pro IAP. At the time of writing, this adds 42 additional effects and 37 new parameters to the free effects. It also improves the output quality.



DoodleLens may seem a little trite, but it’s still a lot of fun. You can simply draw something and then point your smartphone’s camera at it. Then, you can copy the doodle and paste it onto the world around you in Augmented Reality.

You can change the color and make basic animations. The app will cycle through multiple copies of your doodles, and you can copy them all. The app will save and record the results.

DoodleLens is not an Android app that you will use often. We found it difficult to recognize our doodles. But when it does work, it makes you smile. It costs $1.99/PS1.89.


Unlimited Subscriptions

Pixtica is one tool that aims to replace your default camera app. Pixtica, while not the best camera app, is an acceptable option for those who are looking for something different.

The program is packed with features such as panorama, hyperlapse, GIF recorder and manual controls. There are also oddities like a “Planet” mode that warps images into a sphere shape using Pixtica’s “advanced Stereographic Project algorithm”.

You can also use the app to take photos and record video. The interface is intuitive. While many functions are available for free, it is possible to pay to unlock higher resolutions or remove watermarks from filters.

You can also purchase other items, but these are the most important things you need if you want to use Pixtica. The app charges a $1.25/PS1.25 per month, with discounts up to six months and a year. This is a much better option than a one-time purchase. Although we don’t like the idea of paying for a subscription to a camera app it is worthwhile.


Free + $5.49/PS5.49

Scribbl lets you add animations in your photos. We mean essentially light trails. However, there are many animations you can make, many colors to choose from, and you can control where and how big they appear on your images.

It’s basically an app that does one thing, but does it very well. After you have added the animation, you can save it to your gallery so that you are ready to share.

You can download the basic app for free. However, you can pay a monthly fee to unlock more customization options and remove the Scribbl watermark on your creations. You can still get a taste of the app for free if you like it.

Photo Watermark

Monthly Subscription Free + $0.99/PS0.89

lets you add watermarks on photos. However, the types of watermarks that you can add to photos are many.

You can add custom text to the watermark, including changing the font size, color and color. However, you can also use your signature or any other hand-written text to the watermark by writing directly on the screen.

You can also add stickers, a timestamp or location to your photos, as well as a mosaic effect or graffiti (which lets you paint with a digital brush and create wild images). There should be a tool for you, regardless of whether you need to protect your image or log the date and location.

Photo Watermark is completely free but very heavy on ads. You can remove them for $0.99/PS0.89 per monthly, but it is unlikely that you will be adding watermarks on a lot of images.

StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph

Monthly Subscription Free + $1.99/PS1.79

StoryZ Motion & Cinemagraph are two photo editing Android apps. The first is “Ripple”, which allows you to add motion to static images by drawing the area and direction you want it to go.

This can make things appear like smoke or water is moving, or just add a trippy look to objects that you might assume to be static.

You can use the ‘Motion mode to combine a video and a photograph, creating an image that is partially static but partially in motion.

It can be difficult to create convincing effects in both cases, but it is possible, as shown by the many impressive submissions made on the app. StoryZ also offers contests on specific themes such as “stairs” or “sand”, which can be entered by sending a creation. The app’s home page will feature the best creations, as well as the competition page.

StoryZ is free to use, but you may find StoryZ Premium more appealing if you feel you have more talent than us. StoryZ Premium costs a monthly subscription and removes ads, watermarks and increases the length of videos in Motion mode. It also improves the toolset and Ripple modes and allows you to save and share high resolution images.


Monthly Subscription : + PS2.91 (roughly $2.70).

KineMaster is one of the most powerful Android video editors, but it’s intuitive enough to be enjoyed by anyone.

You can add audio and visual filters, text overlays, and stickers to your footage. The app also allows you to alter and trim video frame-by-frame. It also lets you adjust speed and add transition effects. The KineMaster app can be used to record videos. Although it can be a bit cramped on your phone’s screen, everything else works great.

The KineMaster Android app can be used for free. However, all videos will have a KineMaster Watermark. You cannot use them commercially. You can remove watermarks, allow commercial usage, and unlock additional assets (such effects and overlays), but it costs PS2.91 per month (roughly $3.70).

Moment – Pro Camera


The best camera apps should be free from clutter, yet have many manual controls so that you can take the perfect image. This is a difficult balance, which few people manage to achieve. Moment-Pro Camera may have that ability, however.

You can adjust the shutter speed, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, exposure compensation, focus, and ISO to fully manualize your camera. You can tap to focus, set a timer and view a grid. There are also many lenses. The app is a powerful toolkit that focuses more on useful utilities than gimmicky filter options. However, it has a minimalist, clean look.

It’s easy to use and designed for ease of use. Double-tap any setting to return it back to auto, or double-tap the viewfinder to turn all controls back to auto.

This Android app can’t shoot videos at the moment. However, for photos, there is a good chance that you will want to replace your existing camera app with this. Video is apparently in development.


No cost + an optional subscription

While your phone may have a powerful camera and other editing tools, it is unlikely that it has any. , an Android app that can fill in those gaps, is a great option.

You can adjust the color, saturation, white balance, and color of the photos you have taken previously. This app also allows you to add filters and effects that you can adjust the strength and apply to any or all of the images.

You can add text, stickers and frames to the image.

PhotoDirector has many tools but is simple to use. You can also undo any changes at any time, so you are safe to play around with it.

The editing portion of the app is not limited to that. You can also use the built-in camera to take new photos and apply various effects, as well as see how these affect the image through the viewfinder.

PhotoDirector is free. However, if you wish to make your photos stand out, you can purchase a premium version for PS2.59 (around US$3.70 per month). You will get discounts if the contract is for three months or one year. You can unlock additional tools and improve the output quality.

LightX Photo Editor

No Charge + $3.69/PS3.49 IAP

LightX photo editor can be your best choice if you are looking for an Android all-in-one editing tool.

You can combine photos, apply effects and filters to selective areas of an image, adjust their color balance, smoothen and sharpen them, crop them and rotate them, add frames, stickers, text, and create collages.

The Android app’s intuitive interface makes it easy to do this. Simply tap the main menu, choose the type of edits you wish to make (filters, frames, etc.) and you will be taken to a menu that contains all relevant options.

The majority of the information is self-explanatory. However, there are tutorial videos to help you if you need it. For a $3.69/PS3.49 IAP, you can remove adverts, unlock additional frames and stickers, and save images in PNG format.



There are many photo editing Android apps. However, while most of them offer filters and effects, few of them allow you to change the perspective of a photograph in the same way does.

There are no stickers, makeup modes or real effects. Instead, there are tools that can shift the perspective, adjust the ratio, and correct lens distortion.

You can also rotate, flip, mirror, and crop images. However, SKRWT doesn’t care about making photos look unnatural. They are more interested in making photos look exactly the way you intended them to when you took them.

Although it is a professional tool, it is easy to use. You can also undo any changes you do not like.