Florida has many hot travel destinations.

People flock to Florida as winter approaches in other areas. Vacationers also love Florida for its amazing beaches and, of course, the world famous Disney World. There are many great Florida travel destinations.

Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State. It is the sun and warmth that draws so many people to Florida every year. Florida is a tourist location that has built a reputation for providing great entertainment and beaches. Among the many attractions, Florida is home to NASCAR racing, the Everglades, and the Suwannee River. Nature plays a big part in Florida’s tourism, but attractions bring many to this area of the country as well.

Northern Florida is home to the capital, Tallahassee. Visitors will love the small town atmosphere that deeply contrasts other area of the state. Northern Florida also offers many museums and the Suwannee River.

On the East Coast of Florida visitors will find Daytona Beach. Once a hot spot for Spring Break, Daytona Beach now is just a place to get some great sun and have fun in the ocean. Also on the East coast are the NASA space program headquarters and ports for cruise lines.

Southern Florida is home to the city of Miami. Many celebrities can be found here throughout the year. Miami is known for being a trendy hot spot to hang out.

Central Florida is one of the biggest tourist areas in Florida, especially the city of Orlando. Many popular destinations are located here, like Disney World. There are also numerous themed restaurants, hotels and attractions.

The West Coast, including Tampa, is right on the Gulf of Mexico. This area contains many popular beaches and shelling areas.

The Florida Keys include Key Largo and Key West are well known as big party destinations. The around the clock fun keeps this area of Florida busy all the time.

The Florida Panhandle is filled with nature at its best. There are many preserved areas of nature that show off the true beauty of Florida located here.

Florida travel destinations offer fun and sun throughout the year to its many visitors. This state thrives on providing tourists with the best experience possible. With many natural and man-made attractions, Florida has more than great weather to offer someone choosing this as their travel destination.