It can be difficult to be a criminal, especially if you spend your time playing computer games. These dummy notes are for Los Santos 5.

Rude awakening

GTA 5 begins with a robbery that took place nine years ago. Trevor and Michael break into a vault together with a third person in a sequence that teaches you character-switching, driving, and combat basics.

Hand-to-hand fighting is the most common form of combat. Fighting involves punches and kicks. Sometimes, you may press the circle or button to counter any incoming attacks.

It’s easy to shoot: the left trigger targets and the right trigger shoots. By pressing the right shoulder button, you can enter cover. This means that whatever you are standing next to (e.g. a car or wall) becomes your cover. To look out of cover, hold the left shoulder button while you shoot with the right.

Switch between targets by using the right analog stick

Driving for noobs

Driving is obviously a major concern in GTA V. During the robbery you will drive and spend a lot of your time in cars during general play. Right trigger brakes, and left trigger accelerates. To steal a car simply walk up to it, and press either the triangle or Y button. The type of car you drive will affect how the handling is.

After the intro, your first mission is to steal a pair sports cars with an “associate”. Follow your partner. To keep your target in sight, press the B or circle buttons.

Each character has unique driving abilities. Franklin can click both the left and right sticks to go into slow motion.

Side missions

You’ll also find side missions that you can do for extra cash. Tonya, a prostitute, asks you to tow an old car. These missions will earn you extra cash.

The map

Your map will be a focal point of your journey. GTA 5’s map is huge, download here. You can use the map to create waypoints for your next mission, gun shop, or any other activity. To create a waypoint, press the Start button to open the map. This is a common practice. Waypoints are not very well explained in the game, but they are essential to avoid frustration as you move on.

Change characters

It is simple to switch characters. Hold down on the DPad and press the right analog stick to the direction you wish to control the character. Then, release the DPad. The switch will happen instantly. You’ll switch instantly. The number next the faces of the characters on the selection wheel indicated the number of missions they have at the moment.

Most interesting places in the game:

The Altruist Cult: Mount Chilliad is home to the Altruist Cult. It is far from any civilization and a city of cannibals. Trevor might deliver the hitchhikers he meets there (which is rewarded by a reward). After the delivery of four hitchhikers to Trevor, the denizens will want to capture him. Trevor will need to use force to escape. You can also find an RPG and an Assault Rifle on the premises. A baseball bat is also available. You can get there by riding a hitchhiker and playing Trevor. This will mark the location on the map.

Mount Chilliad: The highest peak in the game. Monorails are the easiest way to get there. Although this is an impressive place in its own right, there are many surprises. You will find two dirtbikes and a parachute at the top of the mountain. You can ride down the mountain or jump off the top. If you fall on the bike, the parachute will be released. A mural is located at the back of main scenic point. It says that you must return after “your story has ended”. This means you must complete the game in 100 percent. If you complete the game and return to this location during a storm, you will see a UFO above the mountain. You may also see a mural that suggests there might be secret chambers within the mount.

Fort Zancudo- A mysterious military base. While performing different missions, you will be able to find yourself at the fort several times. It is worthwhile to visit, even though you don’t necessarily need to go inside. There are many things you can do there. There are many things you can get there, including the Rhino tank and the Lazer P-996 Jet, Buzzard helicopter, and even the titan. Getting into the base will increase your star level by four stars. You cannot enter the base by sneaking around. Due to increasing numbers of soldiers, heavy equipment, and more soldiers, the longer you stay, the more difficult it is for you to get out. You can still have fun at the fort. You can climb up the tower to the top of the main building. You will find many weapons, including a minigun, scattered about the base.

Humane Labs and Research Company- A top secret compound or chemical laboratory. You will be awarded four stars, just like Fort Zacundo. While you are completing a mission, you can visit the labs from inside. You must go to the labs on your own to see it from outside. It is possible to take a taxi from the airport to get you there. You still get four stars.

The Prison: Bolingbroke Penitentiary is located to the South of Trevor’s hangar in Sandy Shores. This place can also be visited for adventure. It is safe to drive around the fence if you try to break into the prison. You can also find escapees near the prison. Although they may appear to be hitchhikers, they will actually try to steal your car by threatening you with a weapon. They are easily identifiable by their orange uniforms.

Ron Alternates Wind Farm: A wind farm with many turbines. The blades make planes and helicopters explode in the sky, creating a lot more fireworks and fun. You can, e.g. Try to lure the police helicopters that are following you into this area.

Galileo Observatory: An observatory that is modeled after Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory.

Sign VINEWOODA huge VINEWOOD sign, modeled after the HOLLYWOOD sign. To admire the view of the city, you can climb any letter.

Vinewood Bowl – This amphitheater was modeled after the Hollywood Bowl

Racetrack: A large racetrack in Vinewood

National Office of Security Enforcement: The NOOSE headquarters is located on the east coast. It is part of a larger government complex. It is not a police station, unlike Fort Zancudo or HLRC. There is an armed Buzzard helicopter on the roof. You will need to climb the ladder at the top of the main entrance. Once you reach the top, cross the roofs and onto the building to your left.

The funfair: You can either ride the ferris wheel or ride the rail to see the vastness of Los Santos.

Maze Bank Tower- The tallest building of LS, modeled on the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. It is a beautiful spot with a Helipad on its rooftop. It is located in Pillbox Hill in the city centre. Look up if you are having trouble finding it.

Maze Bank Arena- Los Santos Panic is the headquarters of the local basketball team. It’s also the site of Fame or Shame.

The Airport: Los Santos’ main airport is also worth a visit. Here you can get passenger planes such as Luxor. You can also purchase Luxor passenger planes here.The big planes modeled on the Boeing 747 are yours for free.They can be stored here. They are too large to fit in any hangar so they cannot be stored. They lack an entrance animation. Simply press the enter/exit button to get on the plane. You will be automatically placed in the cockpit. You will be charged three stars if you don’t have a hangar at your airport.