Below is a brief overview of the challenge, including how to enter and what you could win. We’ll be posting any strategies or tips that we have discovered to win the most battles during the challenge once it’s officially started. So make sure you check back soon.

Clash Royale Draft Challenge: All You Need to Know About This Special Event

The Draft Challenge starts January 20th and is the same price and offers the same prizes as the grand and classic challenges, but has some unique gameplay twists. Reddit

When does The Clash Royale Draft Challenge begin?

The Draft Challenge is a temporary challenge for Clash Royale players that will be available from January 20 to 23. It will include two game options: Grand Draft Challenge or Classic Draft Challenge. The draft challenge is free for players who don’t want to pay and can be found in the clan section “Friendly Battle”. It will be available until the 23rd.

What is the cost of The Clash Royale Draft Contest? What are the Prizes?

Players will be charged 10 and 100 gems to take part in the Draft Challenge. This is similar to the Grand Challenges. Classic Draft Challenge players have the opportunity to win 2000 gold coins and 100 cards, while Grand Draft Challengers can win 22,000 gold coins or 1,100 cards. The Draft Challenge does not allow you to play your first tournament for free, unlike other Supercell challenges. Every time you sign up for a Draft Challenge, you must pay.

What is the Clash Royale Draft Challenge? How to Play

You choose 4 cards to play in the Clash Royale Draft Challenge. Your opponent picks 4 cards. Photo by YouTube

Draft Challenge naver bot’s website allows players to have some control over which cards they select, but also gives them some surprises. You will be given four pairs of cards when you enter the Draft Challenge. Each pair of cards you receive will give you 30 seconds to select one to add to your deck. Your opponent will do the same. Your opponent will have the cards you choose, and vice versa. In other words, you will pick four cards and your partner four. You lose three battles and you are out. Your partner will choose four cards for you. To get a feel for the Draft Challenge, I recommend you play a few rounds with your clan members.

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Tips: How to Win More Battles

I can recall playing Draft Challenge or similar games before and there were some tips that I learned along the way. You can find a ranking system of the best and worst cards here, which was created by a Redditor. Below are the Redditor’s “Must Have”, and “Must Avoid”.

Take care of your elixir Keep in mind that you can’t control the four cards that come to you, so make sure you pick a variety of players. Most importantly, you should not spend too much on elixir. I tend to favor cards with low elixir, except for one tank.

You can choose from a variety of cards again, you don’t know what they’ll throw at you so make sure to choose cards that complement each other. You don’t need all the air or ground troops. Also, you don’t need all heavy troops. In case your opponent sends you something you don’t like, you should pick a group that can work well together for defense and offense.

The Best Cards to Choose If You Have One

  • Graveyard(Offense): Best card for this game mode ATM
  • Archers(defense/support)
  • ZapSupport, (solid 2 cost spell).
  • Log(another solid 2 cost).(support).
  • TornadoOnly if you don’t have a spell. Great for activating your tower, dealing with swarm.
  • Skeleton Army(All-around card, great at all, esp. countering killing tanks and graveyards)
  • Hog(Offense)
  • Inferno tower(Best defense for this game mode) (defense).
  • Miner(solid card that fits in all decks) (offense/support).
  • Lavahound(second best win situation) (offense).
  • Mega minion(Remains the best defense card in the game) (all-around card).
  • Ice Golem(support)
  • Elite Barbarians

The Best Cards to Avoid/Give to Opponents If Possible

  • Sparkly (The worst card in this meta atm is (offense/defense).
  • Inferno dragon(Lightly better than the sparky).
  • Bomber(Not good enough to think about drafting, but if your air units have it give it away without second thought) (defense/support).
  • SkeletonsDefense
  • MortarI am a mortar main but most people aren’t. This means they are most likely to not defend it well (defense/offense).
  • Xbow(Offense)
  • Goblin hut(horrible card with no damage output at its cost)(offense/support).