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Authentic Experiences in Myanmar

Hanuman is pleased to bring you a selection of unique experiences in Myanmar. Take an iconic sunrise hot-air balloon ride over the Bagan temples, join in unique Buddhist ceremonies, be entertained by the Moustache Brothers or learn the secrets of a traditional Intha culinary feast on the remarkable Inle Lake. All this is possible and more.

Hot-Air Balloon over Bagan   Look to the Future with a Fortune Teller   Washing Buddha’s Face   The legendary Moustache Brothers
Hot-Air Balloon over Bagan

It doesn’t get more iconic than a sunrise hot-air balloon ride over the temples of Bagan. Add a champagne breakfast and you’ll have a lifelong memory to savour.

Blessing Ceremony

Learn more about traditional Buddhist ceremonies by joining the alms procession at Bagan’s Taungbi Monastery and receive a special blessing from the monks.

All Aboard the Elephant Coach

Enjoy sightseeing in Yangon with a difference aboard the Elephant Coach, a meticulously restored Chevrolet bus from the 1940s.

Look to the Future with a Fortune Teller

Myanmar’s fortune tellers are both revered and fashionable in providing you with the heads-up about your health, wealth, business, travel and love life. Why not try it yourself.

Offerings at Shwedagon

Offering oil lamps at the revered Shwedagon Pagoda is an experience steeped in the Buddhist belief of earning merit through good deeds. Join in this very special and unique ceremony.

Picnic in the Royal Park

Join the locals with a relaxing picnic in Kandawgyi Park, with Shwedagon Pagoda as your backdrop. It’s the only thing to do after a day of sightseeing around Yangon.

Washing Buddha’s Face

You have to get up very early to join the ritual of washing the face and teeth of Buddha at the Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay. Not to be missed.

The legendary Moustache Brothers

The Mandalay-based Moustache Brothers are a Burmese institution, known across the globe, for their slapstick humour, dance, music and silly walks. You won’t forget your visit in a hurry.

Cooking with the Intha

Enjoy a culinary and lifestyle experience with the Intha tribe living on Inle lake. Join in preparing and then eating a traditional feast.

Lunch on Inle Lake

Enjoying lunch aboard a rice carrier boat in the middle of the beautiful Inle Lake, is an experience you won’t want to miss.

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Hanuman's Temple Safari is featured on page 32 of ‘The Guide to Responsible Tourism in Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam'.
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