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The spirit of adventure is alive and well at Hanuman. Well it would have to be really, as for much of the 1990s just travelling in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar was one long adventure. Times have changed, but we are still inspired by the challenge of discovering new thrills and passionate about seeking out alternative experiences. Heck, we even get to live a little and enjoy the adventures ourselves.

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar remain relatively undiscovered destinations once you get off-the-beaten track and this is something we like to encourage all visitors to do. All four countries have an extensive network of national parks which are a pristine environment for jungle treks and wildlife encounters. There are dramatic mountain ranges which provide a stunning backdrop to discovering the minority peoples of the Mekong region and a responsible trek through these communities is an immersive adventure.

Shady trails and sleepy backwaters provide the perfect eco-friendly environment to take to two wheels and explore the region by bicycle. Discover the majestic temples of Angkor or explore the lesser-known towns of the Mekong Delta by bike and you’ll soon find yourself having memorable experiences that bring you much closer to the local people. If you have Tour de France ambition, it is also possible to tackle the Tonkinese Alps in Northern Vietnam, follow the Ho Chi Minh Highway through the Central Highlands or delve into deepest Laos.

Water provides a whole different perspective on adventure. Kayak the rivers around Luang Prabang or Luang Namtha in Northern Laos or venture into a hidden lagoon amid the towering karst peaks in Halong Bay, where nature has run amok. If you prefer to get under the water, try snorkelling or diving around Nha Trang, Phu Quoc or Sihanoukville. Or harness the power of the wind and try kite-surfing or wind-surfing off the beautiful beaches of Mui Ne.

This is just a fraction of the adventures on offer in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. And we haven’t even mentioned motorcycle tours, vintage army jeeps, flying through the jungle on zip wires and joining an elephant herd as they forage through the jungle.

If you crave adventure, then you have come to the right place.

Hanuman is proud to be a member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). Hanuman is also a member of the
Cambodian Association of Travel Agents (CATA) and the Cambodian Community-based Ecotourism Network (CCBEN).
Hanuman's Temple Safari is featured on page 32 of ‘The Guide to Responsible Tourism in Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam'.
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