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Testimonials in 2014: What our clients love about travelling with Hanuman

Pamela (USA) December 2014
Sinath has been great. Knowledgeable, and so helpful in getting us to places we wanted to see ourselves. Angkor was incredible with his help.

Candida (UK) December 2014
Chamrong was always helpful and very punctual which we appreciated. The safari was excellent and Flight of the Gibbon was a great experience.

Fred (USA) December 2014
Thank you for a very educational and memorable experience. Chamrong overwhelmed me with the history of the various sites and was eager to show his extensive knowledge. There is nothing in this world that exceeds the majesty of Angkor Wat. Lunch at Sala Kdei was a phenomenal experience.

Nicholas (UK) December 2014
We had a wonderful time. Praseth was a fantastic guide. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Sala Lodges was the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

Kimberley (UK) December 2014
Polrith was great and helped us avoid the crowds at Angkor by using different entrances. We would definitely recommend Cambodia to our friends.

Dudley Family (UK) December 2014
I would like to thank the Hanuman team for the excellent organization and support your team has given us right from my initial enquiry to the unexpected and highly appreciated transfer from the domestic arrivals terminal to the international departures terminal at Yangon airport. My family said that the balloon ride over the temples was a highlight of an already amazing holiday. The accommodation in Mandalay was superb and the hotel in Bagan was astonishing with its stupa in the grounds and the views of the stupas from the bedroom window. They put on an excellent Christmas Eve party which we all, especially the children, enjoyed immensely. All in all it was a wonderful holiday made even better by the kind attention and well-managed operation provided by Hanuman. I will certainly be recommending you to everyone I know.

Sally (USA) November 2014
Praseth, my guide, was incredibly good at pacing our walks, providing chances to sit in the shade, drink lots of water and timing our visits to the temples so that I saw everything I wanted to see and much more, wonderful views and wonderful memories. He was exceptional.

Lucretia (USA) November 2014
Sinath is the best guide we’ve ever had, anywhere, his energy, personality, enthusiasm, knowledge, helpfulness, flexibility and eagerness to please are amazing. Everything exceeded our expectations thanks to Sinath’s explanations.

Christopher (UK) November 2014
Sophart was excellent and had the best level of English of any of the guides we’ve had.

Matthew & Susan (USA) November 2014
Praseth our guide was excellent. His English, his explanations and his expertise in avoiding croded situations was wonderful. He is a superb guide!

Tessa (UK) November 2014
Sinath is a first class guide. Also very kind and personable, he had great knowledge and avoided the crowds. He made all the difference to our visit. Superb, thank you! Ta Prohm in early morning was exceptional.

Knut (Germany) November 2014
Kumphak was an exceptionally good guide for Phnom Penh. Thank you Kumphak.

Paul (UK) November 2014
Love the food, people and the country. Sareth our guide was very informative, polite and helpful. Such a lot to see and learn – very thought provoking.

Malcolm & Elsepth (UK) November 2014
We had a wonderful trip and learnt so much about Cambodia, people, culture & history. Our guide Sokunthy shared her life story which helped us understand Cambodian society better. She was so kind and so well educated and taught us so much.

Fernando (Portugal) October 2014
I will never forget our adventurous safari, and Phnom Penh will become one of the most beautiful capitals in SEAsia. We really liked our guide’s approach to visiting the temples, at times we felt that we were the only ones there. Bunthinh did this in a discreet way and we enjoyed it so much.

Carol & Stephen (UK) October 2014
Our guides were excellent, fun and especially helpful and friendly.

Jocelyn (USA) July 2014
We fell in love with Cambodia thanks to your travel service. Thank you so much. Sinath was knowledgeable on every topic. He was kind and patient, compassionate and his help with photography was excellent. All excellent.

Lauren (Australian) July 2014
A very enjoyable holiday experience for us all and we feel our guides, Eak and Sinath went above and beyond our expectations. We loved Beng Mealea and Kompong Khleang.

Per-Inge (Sweden) July 2014
Von Syden our guide was excellent, helpful, open and honest. Out of 3 guides in Vietnam and Cambodia, he was outstanding and definitely the best. We were a group of 19 people and came away very happy and very impressed.

Anna (Australia) July 2014
Both of our guides, Sothy and Eak, were amazing, we really enjoyed our time with them. The highlights of our trip were NGO visits and especially the village of Banteay Chhmar.

Alexander (USA) June 2014
Sinath was an amazing guide who was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Definitely one of the best tour guides we have ever had, anywhere. Ta Prohm was an amazing temple and the highlight of the tour.

Susan (USA) June 2014
Vireak our guide is wonderful. He was fun, helpful and made adjustments to make it better and we had a great trip because of him. Especially our bike trip where he allowed us to spend more time with the local people.

Michael & Barbara (UK) May 2014
A wonderful experience. Sinath was an outstanding guide, charming, helpful, very knowledgeable and knew where to go and when. Because of him we have a wonderful collection of photos, thanks to his guidance. Our tours at the temples were outstanding thanks to Sinath. Kumphak was very good too and had a great sense of humour.

Joanne (UK) May 2014
Cambodia is beautiful, we will definitely return. Our guide Sinath was really brilliant. He blended into our family and felt part of our trip rather than as an extra. Superb.

Richard (USA) May 2014
Our guides had great knowledge and acted professionally, and the drivers, considering no rules on the road, did a great job. Our guide Sareth was great, presented facts in a professional manner and gave us an insight into the Cambodian people.

John (USA) May 2014
Thank you for an excellent holiday in Cambodia, we hope to return on day. I would highly recommends your company. Our guide Leng was the best, very knowledgeable, helpful and kind.

Emily (UK) May 2014
Outstanding service from the guides and great English skills. We loved the driver, Socheat, he was fantastic.

Nada (UK) April 2014
The tour was so well organized with impeccable timekeeping. The guide, Bosay, was so helpful and flexible. Useful hints and tips showed the temples in a different light. He exceeded our expectations. An unforgettable experience.

Brian (Australia) April 2014
Would love to come back! Very emotional to see and hear of Cambodia's history. The manner and respect our guides showed and the way they explained the local history was excellent.

Graham (UK) April 2014
It's been such a great pleasure to visit. We will tell many people to follow us and we wish all our new friends in Cambodia the very best for the future. Siem Reap & Angkor is a wonderful place that symbolizes Cambodia's escape from its troubled past and its hope and optimism for a prosperous future. The country and its people have so much to offer.

James (UK) March 2014
Both guides, Lika and Omnoth, added their own personal experiences to the information they gave us. This gave us a deeper understanding of the past and the potential future of the Cambodian people. Well done and thank you. If we are lucky enough to return to Cambodia, we will look to request the same guides for sure.

Chadner (USA) March 2014
Cambodia is fabulous and the overall service was fantastic. Both guides, Polrith and Sareth, were wonderful. Exceptionally professional and friendly.

Robert (UK) March 2014
Sothy our guide was very helpful, friendly, timely and open to suggestions. He gave very good insightful information at all times. Very flexible with times to avoid crowds and the heat.

Peter (UK) March 2014
Our guide Bosay gave excellent service throughout, plus the drivers were all very obliging. Everything was so well organized.

Michael (UK) March 2014
Both of our guides were 1st class, flexible and sensitive to our needs. The early morning visit to Ta Prohm was magical. We had a good blend of modern and ancient Cambodian history.

Girish (USA) March 2014
Thank you for making our trip so memorable. Our guides, Sareth and Chamrong were excellent and the service was outstanding.

Belinda (UK) March 2014
Both of our guides (Syden and Chenda) were excellent. Their knowledge of Cambodia and her history was exceptional. Our highlights were Ta Prohm at dawn and the birdwatching tour.

Barbara (UK) March 2014
Bunthinh gave excellent service and was a lovely person. Wonderful knowledge, very helpful, punctual and charming, and funny with a good sense of humour. Banteay Srei and the Phare Circus were my highlights.

Lincoln (USA) March 2014
Try is an excellent tour guide, very personable and knowledgeable. He was a pleasure to travel with and went out of his way to be helpful and enhance our experience.

Mike (UK) March 2014
We found the people in Cambodia so warm and couldn't do enough for us. Our guide Samra made our trip very special to us. He was so kind, we will always remember him.

Annie and Paul (UK) March 2014
It all went like clockwork, we were very well looked after and we enjoyed our time in Cambodia very much, thank you. We managed to see temples when there was no one about – it was wonderful.

Jean (UK) March 2014
I would like to thank you for providing your excellent guide, Prak Chanphallin. Lin proved to be very knowledgeable and polite and aware of our need to rest, eat and drink... We are interested in types of vegetation, and Lin went out of his way to show examples of trees, plants, flowers and seeds. He made us aware of how local people live and freely discussed questions about politics, religion, in fact anything which interested us - brilliant! Lin was happy to change our itinerary to suit our needs, including starting earlier to avoid the crowds and the heat.

Jacqui (UK) March 2014
Fantastic, wonderful holiday from start to finish.

John (UK) March 2014
Service and attention to detail has been excellent throughout. It has meant we could relax and enjoy a memorable holiday. Thank you so much. It was all quite amazing. Our guide Lika shared her personal experiences, which was very moving, we appreciated it.

Hilary (UK) February 2014
I have been on a number of explore trips often with some very good tour leaders but none come close to Eak. He shared his detailed knowledge of his country in an always interesting personal way, his endless patience with the group and any issues or difficulties that occurred, his superb organisational and interpersonal skills, his wonderful sense of honour and infectious laugh certainly make him stand out. However what made him exceptional was how he ensured we were not just mere tourists. He arranged that we interacted with the Cambodian people every day in a number of ways such as visiting their homes, and eating with them. He bought every local speciality for us to taste. This allowed us to experience the real Cambodia. We interacted with stall holders, museum people, palace guides, village people on a different level to my previous trips. The trip was wonderful and a huge part of that was down to Eak. Claire (UK) February 2014
Bosay our guide exceeded our expectations in every way, his knowledge was outstanding. And listening to Try's personal account in Phnom Penh made the experience. Flight of the Gibbon was an excellent way to appreciate how vast and dense the jungle is. We absolutely loved the bicycle ride in Siem Reap – going off road was a far better way of exploring.

Gonzalo (USA) February 2014
I would recommend Cambodia to everyone, in a heartbeat. Our guide Thouern was excellent at explaining local culture, always early, loved his stories, great job – thank you!

Pete & Marie (UK) February 2014
Our trip completely exceeded our expectations in every way. The people in the service industry are the best in the world, so charming. Inspired by their motivation to improve their lives and those of others. Our guide Syden is an inspirational person and a wonderful informative guide, sensitive and funny. Everything was wonderful.

Paul (UK) February 2014
Prasith was exceptional, very knowledgeable and courteous and nothing was too much trouble . A dream guide!

Richard (UK) February 2014
Syden's commitment to his people, his culture and his country's history makes him an excellent guide. Very good explanations of life and the history of his country. Our days were well structured and well paced, and his knowledge was impressive to say the least! Angkor Wat was awe-inspiring.

Judy (UK) February 2014
Sinath was an exceptional guide. The tours were well planned and the information he gave was brilliant. He arranged the schedule so we had the best and most comfortable visiting times, everything was superb. We had such a wonderful time, simply everything was amazing and at times, quite unbelievable.

Robin (UK) February 2014
Our guide Bunthinh was exceedingly helpful in all respects. Our cook for the tented camp trip provided a magnificent evening meal and superb breakfast, everything was so well organized. Cambodia and Laos are both full of memorable sights and experiences.

John (UK) February 2014
A superb guide, Sophath, who we all liked and respected. It was a privilege to have him as our guide. 10/10 for consideration, knowledge and attentiveness. A well planned itinerary of visits. Careful consideration of timing of our visits to avoid crowds and excessive heat.

Jonathon (UK) January 2014
Prasith was easily the best guide for our whole trip through Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Excellent in every respect. And Angkor Wat was even more impressive that I had imagined.

Gail (UK) January 2014
Our guide Sophath deserves particular praise. He was the best English speaker we encountered and he has obviously worked hard on his language skills. He understood our desire to gain insight into the lives of local people and as a result of his input, we leave Cambodia feeling much better informed than when we arrived. He is a dedicated guide and committed to his profession and his clients. His skills deserve recognition. His knowledge of Angkor was invaluable and on our cycle tour, he gave us real insight into the lives of rural Cambodians.

Juliet (UK) January 2014
Reaksmey was exceptional. We could not have had a better guide. We had so much fun in Angkor with him. He was interesting, funny and very knowledgeable and we would recommend him as a guide.

Juliet (UK) January 2014
Bunthinh was the best guide of our entire trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. He was really flexible and his knowledge was awesome. We hope to come back to Cambodia as a result of our experiences.

Keith (UK) January 2014
We would certainly recommend Hanuman and HanumanAlaya – the seclusion of the hotel is lovely. Excellent staff too. The guides gave us a fascinating insight into the history and culture of Cambodia.

Simon (UK) January 2014
Bunthinh was the best guide of our entire trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. He was really flexible and his knowledge was awesome. We hope to come back to Cambodia as a result of our experiences.

Kimberley (USA) January 2014
Syden was humourous and informative. His love for Cambodia shined through. Excellent, professional and friendly. He answered all our questions about daily life in Cambodia and the Angkor complex. We will recommend to family & friends.

Therese (Australia) January 2014
We will certainly travel with Hanuman again. Wish I could meet in person the lady, Daroeurn, who organised our trip. Perfect.

Mark (UK) January 2014
Words cannot express how wonderful our 1st visit to Cambodia has been. Thank you to Hanuman for making this trip so special. Everything - guide, driver, hotel, food - was outstanding.

Susan (UK) January 2014
Our guide Omnoth brought everything to life. Cambodia is a wonderful country with wonderful people. We will certainly recommend Hanuman.

Melanie (Canada) January 2014
Thanks to our guides and drivers for making this such a memorable trip! Thanks too, to the Hanuman office staff who helped us plan our trip.

Brad (USA) January 2014
Leng exceeded all expectations. His English and grasp of the history was formidable. Being a history buff I was very familiar with the Vietnam War, but lacked much on how Cambodia was impacted. He filled it out nicely. I don't think I asked any questions – he gave it all! He was an excellent teacher. Absolutely recommended.

Louise (UK) January 2014
Sophath exceeded our expectations, he was excellent. Guide and driver were both fantastic, they wanted us to get the most out of our trip. We would recommend to others.

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