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Testimonials in 2013: What our clients love about travelling with Hanuman
Kevin & Hayley (UK) December 2013
We've had a fantastic time thanks to your staff for helping to make it so memorable. Stunning temples, fascinating time in Phnom Penh, the guides really added to our knowledge and the experience. All exceeded our expectations.

Jan (USA) December 2013
Ms Sokunthy was extremely thoughtful and helpful…she was excellent. I would recommend her highly and certainly will engage her again if possible on any future trips.

John & Barbara (USA) December 2013
Ms Mariya, our guide, was an expert guide, among the best ever. Hanuman is very lucky to have her, she is the best. It could not have been better, I was very impressed and amazed at her knowledge and organizational skills… Again cannot tell you strongly enough, how fabulous, skilled, expert and organized Ms Mariya is. She is one of the reasons we would come back.

Jennifer (UK) November 2013
Sophoan absolutely made our trip unforgettable. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, sense of humour and eagerness to go the extra mile were all outstanding. She enabled us to meet and chat with many of her fellow Cambodians, building many bridges between us, all in a sympathetic and empathetic manner - she was a star!

Kathleen (UK) November 2013
I've been on lots of Explore tours with excellent leaders, but Sophoan was absolutely the best, both as a guide and tour leader. As a guide she was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and added interest by pointing out her personal favorites as well as the best photo spots. As a leader she made sure to include everyone and was an important factor in the great group dynamic that we had. She provided many extras to the itinerary which were much appreciated, and she was also very aware of sustainability and environmental issues. All in all she made a major contribution to one of my best ever Explore trips.

Chris (UK) November 2013
The success of the tour was down almost entirely to the efforts of our tour leader Sophoan. I have been on five holidays with Explore and she was the best tour leader by far. She was constantly buzzing and looking for things for us to do. Her knowledge of the temples was infinite and the ease with which she was able to communicate both with us and the various Cambodians that we encountered was a sight to behold. She also talked to us individually at various times during the tour to make sure we were enjoying the activities. She is a very personable young lady, very well organised with a great sense of humour - and with a very successful future in front of her.

Sandra (UK) November 2013
Sophoan was one of the best 2 tour leaders I have had the joy to travel with. She is a fabulous people person who managed the diverse needs of each group member effortlessly and was very instrumental in helping the group gell very quickly. She quickly learnt what we were interested in and provide information accordingly. She was patient and caring, even spotting that I had cut my foot before I knew and treating it so I had no after effects. Her knowledge was astounding and always up to the minute - I am sure she spent all night checking everything! On early morning starts she had drinks and breakfast for us on the bus, stopped at out of the way places that she had found previously to show us examples of local life eg. a little farm, paddy fields, a traditional house etc, etc. We also sampled local charity establishments where young people with learning difficulties ran a café (fab food too) - too many things to list! She researched the best places to eat and drink at the best prices in every place we visited, knew the best times to go to temples etc so we had time to absorb the atmosphere and not rush round. She is a lovely, knowledgeable, kind, gentle person who is credit to her country and she made this holiday very special.

Kathleen & Jay (USA) November 2013
I would quickly recommend Chamrong and Hanuman. Incredible! Our experiences with Chamrong exceeded all expectations. We have created moments and memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. Chamrong was a wealth of knowledge, fun to spend our days with and will be fondly remembered as a friend for life! He was wonderful, we were so lucky to have him with us. The sites were amazing. The itinerary was well thought out and creates an incredible experience. This trip was the experience of a lifetime!

Yuklin (USA) November 2013
Our guide Kimlieng was excellent, very well spoken and knowledgeable.

Reena (Canada) November 2013
Soviet our guide was very funny and knowledgeable. I would definitely use him again.

David (UK) November 2013
My guide, Syden is an outstanding person and an example to all. He's lived a difficult life but gained an education, and is now giving back to Cambodia – his efforts to educate poor Cambodian children is outstanding. I admire him very much. My driver Bunthol also did an excellent job.

Rebecca (UK) November 2013
Thanks to Sinath for a fabulous three days exploring Siem Reap. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, smiley and relaxed. We enjoyed the flexible nature of the tour. We had high expectations but everything was fabulous!

Judith (UK) November 2013
Our guide Thida gave an extraordinarily powerful account of the Pol Pot years based upon her own terrible experiences. Incredibly moving.

Kay (UK) November 2013
Praseth was an incredible guide, he made the trip outstanding. We would love to return here.

Christopher (UK) November 2013
Our guide, Try, was most helpful and nothing was too much trouble for him.

Diane (USA) November 2013
My guides were excellent, flexible and always accommodating. Thanks for the wonderful trip.

Charles (Canada) November 2013
Soviet was wonderful and charming and we would also recommend Try, both really made the trip work well, giving us so much information.

Rosemary (UK) November 2013
Soknov our guide was a pleasure to be with. Always early, patient and very knowledgeable. Excellent.

Nicole (USA) November 2013
The guide Vireak was very informative, nice, easygoing and helpful. Informed us of the history, stories and perspectives. Helped us learn Khmer words and their meanings. Also great flexibility with our requests and a great itinerary.

Louise (UK) November 2013
Prasith was excellent, a perfect mixture of knowledge and politeness. He was great at avoiding the crowds, which was important to us. Da's driving was excellent too, we always felt very safe.

Cathy (UK) November 2013
Polrith was an excellent guide displaying an in-depth temples knowledge, with a fascinating insight into the history and culture of Cambodia. We really enjoyed our trip.

Kathleen (USA) November 2013
Our guide Sophart was better than expected, an excellent guide, who we will recommend to our friends.

Robert (UK) November 2013
Both of our guides, Sakhon and Ms Thida, were fantastic. Very attentive and helpful. Such a diverse range of activity, an excellent taste of Cambodia. Trudi (UK) October 2013 Sophat was most helpful and attentive – his knowledge of English, local history and customs were explained well and fully. Polite, attentive and courteous. And a very well planned itinerary.

Richard (UK) October 2013
Sinath was an excellent guide – friendly, knowledgeable – I would recommend him to anyone. My trip exceeded expectations and was enhanced by Sinat's company and knowledge.

Trudi (UK) October 2013
Sophat was most helpful and attentive – his knowledge of English, local history and customs were explained well and fully. Polite, attentive and courteous. And a very well planned itinerary.

Barbara (USA) October 2013
We were very fortunate to have Bosay as our guide, he is so knowledgeable about everything and really looked after us well. We will recommend him to others.

Katie (UK) October 2013
It's been the highlight of my trip. Sinat is a truly excellent guide – interesting and always taking good care of his guests. Truly exceeded my expectations, I'll remember it forever.

Michael (Germany) October 2013
Sinath's detailed knowledge about Angkor, religion and culture was outstanding.

Judith (USA) October 2013
Sareth our guide went out of his way to accommodate our interests and appreciated his willingness to answer our questions about Khmer history, culture and contemporary life.

Andrea (Canada) October 2013
We were so impressed with Sothy as our guide. He was a great source of information about culture, current life and history. We would travel with your company again. Many thanks.

Ralph (USA) September 2013
Kumphak and Boday were both excellent guides and we very much enjoyed their company. The entire trip with your company was a pleasure and I hope to utilize your company again when I return. We have travelled extensively and this was one of the best trips! Very enjoyable.

Quazzo Family (USA) September 2013
Bosay our guide was knowledgeable, cares about his country and flexible. I am sure he has done many tours but he was genuinely enthusiastic and helpful.

Catherine & Robert (UK) September 2013
Great trip, lovely hotel, brilliant tour guide (Maray), reliable and safe driver. Overall exceeded our expectations.

Robert (UK) August 2013
Polrith's knowledge was outstanding and we liked his humour! We loved all of the sights.

Michael (UK) August 2013
Sinath was the best guide we experienced across our travels through Indochina. Sinath educated us, had empathy with our children and showed pride in his country. Fantastic. Well done!

Carol (Singapore) August 2013
I would highly recommend Keo Sarid as a polite and excellent guide, a window to Siem Reap! His knowledge of history and cultural events in Cambodia, and his maturity and reliability were very good. He understood his customers well.

Cathy (USA) August 2013
This was a great experience, we saw a lot in a very short period of time. The guide, Phallin, did a fantastic job. He was excellent, flexible and knowledgeable. We had a great adventure with him. The tour was very well-planned. I would recommend your tour company.

Debby (UK) August 2013
Both guides (Omnoth and Kumphak) were excellent and real credit to your company. They could not do enough for us and we cannot thank you enough for making this such a memorable trip.

Mike (UK) July 2013
Our guide (Sinath) & driver (Bunthol) made this 1st trip to Cambodia a wonderful experience. We recommend them most highly.

Marcia (USA) July 2013
Both of our guides were knowledgeable and helpful, both of them adding great insights on the country and the culture. We'd definitely use Hanuman's services again in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Great job!

Felicity (UK) July 2013
Fantastic! We loved Cambodia, especially Siem Reap and will definitely return. Sothy, our guide was excellent with a fantastic knowledge of the temples, the best times to visit and had very good English.

Peter (UK) June 2013
A life-enhancing trip! Many thanks for the excellent arrangements you made for us. Both of our guides were excellent and included extra visits which we really enjoyed.

Marie (USA) May 2013
Sinath was so accommodating. He was outstanding and super aware of the individual needs of our group.

Rebecca (UK) April 2013
Our guide Praseth was a superstar – wonderful with our kids and a real pleasure to be with throughout our tour. Everything exceeded our expectations!

Christopher (Australia) April 2013
A truly wonderful trip, I will return. Sophart is an excellent guide, teacher, photographer, everything I want in a guide. His English was excellent too. I will want him again when I return to Siem Reap. It was such a well put together program finishing with an amazing Angkor Wat sunrise.

John Beecham (USA) March 2013
Sinath had a calming approach and is sensitive to guests' needs. He is very well informed and was a pleasure to be with. We both agreed that Sinath was the best guide we have been with over our 3 week trip. Thank you.

John Seager (UK) March 2013
Thank you Hanuman and to our guides and drivers. A truly lovely experience for my wife and me. Our guide in Siem Reap, Koy Vy, was definitely the best in every way. He knew how to escape the crowds and the best locations for photographs. Everything was absolutely wonderful.

Rena & Diana (USA) March 2013
I enjoyed learning about many aspects of Cambodian life from our guide Paul (Polrith). He has a vast knowledge of historical monuments and shared that with us. He was also able to adapt his schedule to meet our needs and helped to make this an unforgettable trip.

Paul (France) March 2013
Sam Ra our guide was amazing, his knowledge seemed endless. Always managed to find nice spots for our pictures and also tried as much as possible to avoid the rush hours and crowds. Excellent time management. We would strongly recommend him to anyone visiting Angkor.

Alistair (UK) March 2013
Polrith was extremely knowledgeable and really added value to our trip. A great sense of humour – made us laugh and sometimes groan at his jokes. The horse-riding was a great way to see Cambodian village life, would recommend to others.

Jonathan (UK) March 2013
Our guide (Polrith) was excellent and went beyond his duties to improve our experience. We would recommend our trip.

Anne (UK) March 2013
Praseth our guide made our visits to many temples all educational but fun. His knowledge was 1st class. He gave us a valuable insight into Cambodian life past and present. We cannot praise him highly enough, he made our trip special.

Malcolm & Shirley (UK) February 2013
Our guides were exceptional in every respect. We were very impressed with the way we were looked after by both guides and drivers in Cambodia.

Stuart (UK) February 2013
Our guide, Sophart is most wonderful, very friendly and likeable. A credit to your company and country.

Emily (UK) February 2013
Thank you so much, Cambodia has been an unforgettable, amazing experience. My guides have taught me such a lot about your beautiful country, both went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I would like to thank them for giving me such a valuable insight into Cambodia, much more than just a tour.

Glenys (UK) February 2013
We feel enriched by our visit. Praseth was exceptional, well-informed and a great guy. Simply, could not have been better. We feel privileged to have seen the riches and humbleness of Cambodia guided by superb individuals. Thank you so much.

Neil (UK) February 2013
This trip was an amazing success. Thank you for your smooth organization. Polrith was an amazing font of knowledge.

Linda (UK) February 2013
Our guide, Sinath was fantastic, exceptionally good and very kind to local children. We loved it! He was flexible and accommodating to our interests, good at planning the tours, unhurried and responsive. He was also good at identifying plants and birds and very knowledgeable about history.

Mr & Mrs Reiner (UK) February 2013
A wonderful, friendly and fantastic country. We would highly recommend our guide, Praseth in Siem Reap, he was very professional and really excellent.

William & Janice (UK) February 2013
Sinath was an exceptional guide, very receptive, extremely enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, sound language skills and a credit to Cambodian tourism. He was exemplary in making all aspects of our holiday enjoyable.

Leon (Australia) February 2013
We loved Sokunthy in Phnom Penh, she went out of her way to make our trip enjoyable. We even stopped to participate in a Cambodian wedding.

John Bevan (UK) February 2013
Our guide Sokhum was delightful, full of stories and interesting information. He was also excellent when I wasn't feeling well.

Debbie Forster (UK) January 2013
Bosay was simply amazing, best guide I have ever had. His visits to villages and roadside markets were outstanding. A strength of the trip were the guides who were amazing and made our trip very special.

Sarah Collie (Australia) January 2013
Our guide Sothy was excellent Thank you for making our trip so fantastic. Thank you to our lovely driver Raksmey who became our son's best friend.

Rupert Morgan (UK) January 2013
The trek to elephant rock and the camping on Kulen was amazing service and much more than we expected. Vireak my guide was very good company for five days.

Rao Garimella (USA) January 2013
Great planning on behalf of the company. Well planned itinerary. Very courteous service, great guide and driver. We will recommend highly, especially Vitou our guide who was very polite, courteous and considerate.

Neil Bass (UK) January 2013
Our guide Polrith had encyclopedic knowledge of the history, customs, geography, cuisine and lifestyle of the region. He taught us a lot and his local know-how meant that our trips were made easy for us and occurred at the least crowded times. He enriched our time in Cambodia greatly and made our trip far more fulfilling than it would have been without him.

Elizabeth Atkinson (UK) January 2013
It has been a truly outstanding holiday and I have felt totally confident in the standards throughout and well looked after which is especially important to me as a woman travelling alone.
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