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Testimonials in 2011: What our clients love about travelling with Hanuman
Rick Wheaton (UK) December 2011
We must say that the quality of our guide – Viseth – added so much to our enjoyment and understanding of our stay in Cambodia. He was an amazing guide, his depth of knowledge and experience were outstanding.

Edward Coe (UK) December 2011
Our experiences in Cambodia were absolutely excellent. Praseth was a superb guide and his knowledge was boundless.

Yubitza Fernandez (Mexico) December 2011
Cambodia is a beautiful country and the people are lovely. Breakfast at Angkor Wat was above excellent. Loved it.

Annelise Sivelle (UK) December 2011
Our time in Cambodia has been really special and brought to life through the guides (Thinh & Rath) and drivers on this trip; we especially value the personal perspective our guides brought to the experience. It made an enormous difference to our understanding and I would choose this tour again and recommend to family & friends.

Elizabeth (UK) November 2011
Mardy was an exceptional guide, a delightful and knowledgeable young man. Both Mardy and our driver were charming.

Ann (UK) November 2011
This was a wonderful week in Cambodia, 7 days not long enough, I want to come back. It was a fantastic itinerary and the guides excelled.

Vijay (UK) November 2011
My guide, Borin, made it an even better experience for me, he took his time when showing me around the sites and explained everything in great detail. Because of him I understand more about Cambodian culture.

Andrea (UK) November 2011
Absolutely amazing experience. Prasith exceeded our expectations, he was a true gentleman and assisted in every possible way.

Phyllis (USA) November 2011
Thank you for an unbelievable trip. Everything was wonderful. I saw the sights of a lifetime. Our guide Thinh was the best. He made the history and culture of Cambodia come alive for us.

Susan & David (UK) November 2011
Bosay is a great asset to your company, when our friends come to Cambodia we will tell them to ask for him personally. Nothing was too much trouble. He was very careful and throughtful with my disability and my husband’s photography. Very informative, friendly and personable. He made our trip sparkle, we were most impressed by his conscientiousness, consideration and above all, his spoken English.

Joanna Grainger (UK) November 2011
Thank you for a fabulous and well organized holiday. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family. Both of our guides, Viseth and Eak were excellent.

Peter Herbert (UK) November 2011
The journey through Cambodia has been a great success, very well orchestrated by Hanuman. Very many thanks.

Lisa Moore (UK) November 2011
We had a fantastic trip in Cambodia. we would’ve liked to have stayed longer. We would definitely recommend the tour to friends and family. Our guides were fantastic , with excellent knowledge and really made the tour interesting.

Rachel Blackmore (UK) November 2011
An exceptionally well organized and stress-free trip with friendly staff and people at every turn. A nice variety of sights and the guides took us to see the ‘real’ Cambodia. Thank you very much.

Catherine and Andrew Morton (UK) November 2011
All the guides you gave us were charming, well-informed and allowed us a small glimpse into the life of Cambodians. We had an amazing experience and hopefully will come back to see more of your wonderful country.

Maureen and Godfrey Hix (UK) November 2011
We found Siem Reap wonderful, from the hotel, the people to the stunning Angkor temples. Our guide (Khim Borin) was, without a doubt, the best guide of the whole tour. He was a charming young man and a fund of all sorts of interesting information and a very wide knowledge well beyond his remit, who we would highly recommend.

Jean White Student Group (Australia) October 2011
Thank you to all your team for making our trip a wonderful experience. Kong Eak, our guide, was excellent, always helpful, clever and safe.

Henrietta Hales (UK) October 2011
The flooding in Siem Reap posed particular problems. Great flexibility was shown so that we could make the best of the circumstances and still enjoy our holiday; Sinath our guide altered the program so that we could see all the temples and was so flexible throughout.

Peyton (USA) September 2011
Our guides, Eak and Say were both fantastic! They made this trip truly great. They definitely were key to our enjoyment of our visit.

David (UK) August 2011
Our guide (Say) was excellent, first-class service. Nothing was too much trouble for our guide and driver. They made our holiday just perfect.

Mark (UK) August 2011
Very well organised tour and the itinerary was well-balanced for rest time. Fantastic! We loved our tour through Vietnam and Cambodia and have lots of memories, pictures and local handicrafts to take home…but sadly we leave behind many new friends!

Martin Levy (USA) August 2011
We feel humbled to have been welcomed by such resilient and kind people. Both guides were particularly interesting and sensitive about the country’s more recent history.

Stephen Law (UK) July 2011
Great trip, well organised, memorable, educational and exceeded all expectations.

Jennifer Ku (USA) July 2011
Phan Sothy our guide exceeded our expectations. He was helpful, kind, thoughtful, intelligent and knowledgeable. He made our trip!

Diana Aylward (USA) July 2011
Piseth was an exceptional guide. Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, accommodating, gracious and always professional. Thank you Cambodia – you are the most gracious, kind, gentle, lovely people I have ever come across – and I have travelled the world numerous times.

Andrew Lyell (Australia) July 2011
We will recommend Sinath and Thida to our work colleagues and family who travel to Cambodia. They were both excellent.

Moneton Family (USA) June 2011
Our guide Eak in Phnom Penh was absolutely excellent - very well organized and always on time.

Catherine Jones (UK) June 2011
Our guide and driver were excellent, friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Fantastic service.

John Schmidt & Party (USA) May 2011
Polrith is an excellent guide with extra knowledge of customs, history and nature. Angkor Wat is incredible!

Pascale Hill (UK) April 2011
The trip to Koh Paen island in Kompong Cham was amazing. The house visit was extra special as we had an insight into the life of Cambodian people in the countryside. Boren was an exceptional tour guide. His English is excellent and his knowledge also. He was considerate to our needs, very helpful and flexible. Friendly and fun to be with. He made our visit a very special experience. We recommend him highly.

Jill Flower (UK) April 2011
Both Prasaith (guide) and Bunthan (driver) were more than excellent, making our trip most enjoyable. Our guides were extremely courteous, entertaining and with knowledgeable conversation. With their expert guidance all the impressive sights came alive. We are still honoured to be able to visit the sites so closely. Thank you all so much for a wonderful Cambodian experience.

Barbara Paul-Emile (USA) April 2011
Both guides exceeded our expectations with their attentiveness, general support and knowledge. Both were punctual and offered excellent service. Channa, our Siem reap guide was truly outstanding.

Dee Bice (USA) April 2011
Our tour guide in Phnom Penh, Thida, was awesome.

Roger & Helen Dickinson (UK) April 2011
We had high expectations and they were met. We felt we were cared about and for. The arrangements were impeccable and the introduction to NGO activity was eye-opening and appreciated.

Ernest Simpkins (South Africa) March 2011
Visith was fantastic, excellent English, his knowledge of the area was fantastic. What a nice man and a credit to your country. We could not have wished for a better guide and driver. Angkor Wat was the highlight of a life-time ambition to visit this temple.

Jo Ann Tomaselli (USA) March 2011
Great job! Highly recommend your tour company and your country as a tour destination. Our guide, Savuth was exceptional in his attentiveness to our needs as photographers and artists. He arranged our visits so we would not encounter lots of tourists – highly recommend him for that, his language and knowledge. A great job of offering a variety of experiences and lifetime mementoes to take home with me.

Robert Osborn (UK) March 2011
It has been an experience that will last with us for the rest of our lives. Truly wonderful.

Michael Drake (UK) March 2011
An amazing journey. We have loved it. We have seen and learned a lot. Guides have been excellent, all arrangements have worked well – all transfer and pick-ups were good. Very efficient. Thank you very much. Spending time with our guide Kimlieng was a very important and valuable experience. A great guide and an amazing lady.

Denise Andersen (USA) March 2011
Thyda took such good care of us. We felt cared for as if she were our mother. She introduced us to many traditional aspects of Cambodia. She was very intuitive to us.

Beth Hrychuk (USA) March 2011
Thank you for a wonderful trip. Both guides, Ponlok and Savuth were excellent. Great tours with very good guides and careful drivers. We hope to return to beautiful Cambodia someday soon.

Judy Thompson (Canada) February 2011
Don’t let Prasith (or guide) go – we have travelled around the world and he is the best.

Rebecca Lee (USA) February 2011
Mardy had a genuine interest in showing and explaining his country to us. His natural enthusiasm was contagious and his ability to communicate difficult concepts and history is excellent. I also enjoyed his ornithology, jokes and his singing – what a treasure!

Peter & Sandra Murty (UK) February 2011
We have fallen in love with Cambodia, with the wonderful friendly people and the great sites.

Robert Tuchmann (UK) January 2011
Sinath our guide was terrific. He’s a very knowledgeable, kind and considerate guide. He showed not only his knowledge of the history of the people and civilization but also his own life experiences so that we could learn how he and his family and friends live, their hopes, fears and joys and values. He is a very mature and thoughtful person.

Najia Mukhtar (France) January 2011

Channa did a fantastic job with the right mixture of enthusiasm, confidence, local knowledge and helpfulness. She was the best guide during our trip through Indochina. We feel she is genuinely committed and eager to ensure that her guests have the best possible experience.

Kabari Bhattacharya (UK) January 2011

Our guide Von Syden was exceptional in his knowledge, great company and ability to find the best spots at the best time. He brought the charm of the temples to the fore telling me about the history and local stories. I will be recommending that my friends use Hanuman and in particular will recommend that they ask fro Von Syden as their guide.

Roslyn Dunn (Australian) January 2011
I will definitely recommend to my family and friends that they come to Cambodia. Would love to stay longer and hope to come back. My guide, Mardy, was exceptional in every way. He did everything to help us understand and enjoy our holiday. He is very easy to understand, informative and has a lovely sense of humour.

K Dittriv (Germany) January 2011
We have been overwhelmed by the beauty of Angkor, but also Phnom Penh was wonderful and very interesting. We had a great time and enjoyed it so much. We will tell our friends and family how wonderful it was. We have learned many things and our guides were superb.

Finklestein Family (USA) January 2011
This was a wonderful time for our family from beginning to end. Everyone was so helpful to us to make sure we loved Cambodia. We will highly recommend it. Excellent!

Marion Brown (Australia) January 2011
The whole trip was spectacular, well paced, most informative and a good mix of temples and nature. We enjoyed it very much.

Kavi & Party (Mauritania) January 2011
Our guide, Mardy was exceptional and an asset to your company. He went out of his way to accommodate us, he’s very knowledgeable and an absolute delight to be with.

Joanna Oberholzer (Switzerland) January 2011
Sothy Phan is the best guide we had since we left home last month. He’s capable of meeting client’s wishes and has excellent knowledge, not only limited to Siem Reap and the temples.

Ronald Sweet (Australian) January 2011
We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We had a wonderful time and this was enhanced by the excellent guide and driver. Chamroeurn was an excellent, friendly and knowledgeable guide who we would recommend to our friends.

Stephen Nathan (UK) January 2011
Our guide, Koy Vy is highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We could not have been happier and more satisfied. He had a superb sense of historical knowledge, environment, local know-how combined with great charm.

Michelle Fuller (UK) January 2011
Extremely well organised, great people and leaving with many wonderful memories. You cannot be faulted – you have exceeded our expectations. Our day spent in Phnom Penh was very emotional, memories that will stay with us for a long time.

Stephen Nathan (UK) January 2011
Thida was a thoughtful and intelligent guide with superb knowledge and who showed excellent consideration and care.

Anthony Preston (UK) January 2011
Our guide (Nary) was excellent in all respects. He was happy to discuss with us the cultural differences between our two countries, even when this impinged on his personal experiences. Both the guide and the driver greatly enhanced out trip.

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