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Testimonials in 2010: What our clients love about travelling with Hanuman
Arthur & June Thorpe (UK) December 2010
The service we have received has exceeded our expectations and has made the trip to this part of the world and excellent experience. We have enjoyed meeting so many people and the chance to ask about life in SEAsia. Thank you to everyone.

Alex Kane (UK) December 2010
Without a doubt we have fallen in love with Cambodia. Our guide Channa was fantastic and made our trip perfect. Her energy, enthusiasm and warmth was amazing and we could not have been happier. Ta Prohm at dawn was incredible.

Adam & Tricia Becker (USA) December 2010
Boral our guide was amazing. He was knowledgeable, great English and he went above and beyond for us. The perfect guide.

Anthony Ogg (UK) December 2010
Syden was excellent company and had a lovely sense of humour. Everything lived up to our expectations. The HanumanAlaya was outstanding. We were pleased to be able to make a donation to the village school in Kompong Khleang.

Barry Robinson (UK) November 2010
Should we return to Cambodia it will be because of your excellent guide Channa in all she has done on this trip for us both. She exceeded in everything that she did.

Valerie Carter (UK) November 2010
Channa, our guide, is one of the best in the world.

Lucian Rautu (Romania) November 2010
Visal’s openness, flexibility and passion for different topics exceeded our expectations. Ta Prohm temple at dawn was great.

Terri Collins (USA) November 2010
Would highly recommend Cambodia – beautiful people and country. We were extremely pleased with the kindness and humanity of the guides/drivers and the guides’ knowledge overall was first rate and the trip, a wonderful experience. Very good ambassadors for Cambodian people and professional representation for Hanuman.

Laurence Raper (UK) November 2010
We have had excellent guides throughout; in particular, Chamrong has a passionate and enthusiastic manner and style. We found ourselves captured by his enthusiasm. A wonderful trip.

Susan & Ben Richardson (USA) November 2010
You seem to have thought of everything. It really was a fantastic experience that we’ll never forget. I’ll tell all my friends to use your service.

Raymond Gatwood (UK) November 2010
This trip has been a great mixture of temples, religion, mythology, seeing the countryside, seeing how people live and how resourceful they are. We would recommend it to everyone.

Deelynn Tenne (UK) November 2010
Fantastic fun and very memorable. This trip has been of educational value and we feel our lives have been enriched by the experience and friendliness of the people. Smey, our guide, demonstrated a good knowledge, concern for our welfare, an interest in our likes and dislikes and we would thoroughly recommend him.

Rob Powell (UK) November 2010
It was just wonderful. Sovan (guide) was brilliant, hugely knowledgeable, interesting and thoughtful. Thank you Sovan, you really made our trip to Siem Reap!

Robert Powell (UK) November 2010
It was very important to see the major sites in Cambodian history. Our guide Eng Heng really added value through his superb guidance and explanations. Brilliant, informative and illuminating.

William Murphy ((USA) November 2010
Our guide (Mardy) and driver were very responsive, polite and helpful. They gave us a good insight and understanding of the Cambodian people and culture.

Vaughan Waylett (UK) October 2010
The cycle tour gave us an excellent insight into the real life of Cambodia. Our guide Buntinh was excellent.

Bill Mavir (UK) October 2010
Visal was a great guide, good fun and good company. I would fully recommend him to anyone.

Isobel Strange (UK) October 2010
A memorable experience, well organised and executed. Our guide Boren has excellent people skills, is outstanding of individuals’ needs and we highly recommend him.

Tammy Ho (Canadian) October 2010
This was a well planned trip, the accommodations were excellent, and so was our guide – the level of service far exceeded our expectations. We would love to come back again. Sinath, our guide, was very knowledgeable and thoughtful throughout our stay. We loved him!

Nicola Humphreys (UK) October 2010
Channa’s (guide) knowledge for good photo opportunities at each location enhanced the trip. She went above and beyond requirements and was extremely helpful. We would recommend her and she is a credit to your company.

Peter Wales (UK) October 2010
We have had a fantastic trip and do not think we could improve on the itinerary. Kompong Pluk was a real delight. We expected good guides and certainly got them.

Lisa Gill (UK) September 2010
Sophoan my guide was so kind and thoughtful, very interesting and intelligent. She obviously cared for the environment and had a big interest in wildlife too. Lisa Gill (UK) September 2010
Sophoan my guide was so kind and thoughtful, very interesting and intelligent. She obviously cared for the environment and had a big interest in wildlife too.

P Baldwin (UK) September 2010
Polrith was a superb guide – knowledgeable, informative and amusing. All the activities and sights were wonderful.

L Scott-Huff and family (USA) September 2010
We have completely enjoyed our visit. We attribute most of our satisfaction to our guide, Polrith and our very well planned itinerary. Polrith was witty, very knowledgeable and a wonderful man. He did a great job in helping us avoid the crowds and to have a wonderful experience in Siem Reap. His stories are excellent. Siem Reap and Angkor are beautifully maintained and very clean, this exceeded our expectations.

Robert Cooper (UK) August 2010
Our guide Chamrong was superb – very careful to explain and to make sure we understood. He was very pleasant to be with and we enjoyed his company. Thank you for making our visit so memorable.

Ruth Tobias (UK) July 2010
Though our flight was delayed, Say our guide, ensured we had a full and interesting itinerary. He was always prompt, polite and went out of his way to cater to all our needs. He gave 110% at all times. He’s a credit to your company.

Nicola Potter (UK) July 2010
Chamrong is fantastic! His knowledge and sense of humour was a pleasure at all times. We could not have asked for a better guide. We would recommend him to friends without question. Thank you for making our holiday into a fantastic time!

Lyndsey Wallis (UK) July 2010
Thank you to everybody for a very special trip, honeymoon and a wonderful insight into Cambodia!

Toby Phillips (UK) June 2010
Thanks to our guides, we enjoyed not only the sights of Cambodia, but also its heritage, its culture, its people, the tastes and life of ‘real people’ and a frank honesty about living in this country. An excellent experience.

Colleen Shanahan (USA) June 2010
Thank you very much for a wonderful trip. We enjoyed the itinerary and temples, good combination.

Antonio Molpeceres (Uruguay) June 2010
Savuth is a wonderful guide. Always on time with an extensive knowledge. Angkor is a truly amazing site.

Charlie Read (UK) June 2010
Thanks to everyone at Hanuman – we had a fantastic week!

Helen Chou (USA) June 2010
Sam Ol, our guide, had very good knowledge of history. He was very professional, yet fun and flexible with our pace and schedule. We very much enjoyed his company, his kindness and his very fine tour guide skills.

Emma Stewardson (UK) June 2010
Great itinerary, great service, wonderful sights. The guide Bosay made our visit to the temples particularly enjoyable with his good humour and interesting stories, he also took lots of photographs of us which we really appreciated, as well as amazing places, some of them off the beaten track.

Jocelyn Durels (USA) May 2010
We had an excellent trip, it was awesome! Thank you for a wonderful adventure. We will return with our family members.

Ann Richardson (UK) May 2010
Our guides, Eak and Bosay both exceeded our expectations. They were of the highest calibre of guides with great knowledge of history and their country. We loved Cambodia and its lovely people and will certainly tell everyone about our wonderful holiday. Thank you for making it so special.

Susan Price (Canada) May 2010
Thank you so much for such a wonderful tour. Everyone was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. It was a great experience to be able to visit Cambodia, even for such a short time. We greatly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

Kathy Lauter & family (USA) April 2010
From the time we were picked up at the airport, we found Sinath to be profoundly friendly, courteous, considerate, helpful, professional, sensitive, informative and flexible. His detailed explanations were a great aid in helping us to comprehend what we were seeing. It was clear that he truly loves and appreciates the great heritage of Angkor and this was very moving for us…. Our highest recommendation goes to Sinath, we will actively promote him to our friends and family, and the lovely hotel, HanumanAlaya, as well. Please continue this wonderful quality of service.

Elliott Lincoln (USA) April 2010
We had a wonderful time, thank you. Our guide (say) was excellent. He was knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. We particularly appreciated his punctuality and the program exceeded our expectations. Our tour guide is a credit to your organisation. I would definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Simon Lamas (UK) April 2010
We enjoyed the variety of what was included, ie. temples, cycling, floating village. Our guide (Buntinh) was very informative, passionate and charming, and made our trip memorable.

Alan Hammill (UK) April 2010
Our guide Say was outstanding, extremely committed (110%), informative and enthusiastic and always looking to enhance the experience. A great ambassador for Cambodia. A big thank you to both Say and Sreng (our driver) for making our stay in Siem Reap truly memorable.

David & Lucy Barratt (UK) March 2010
Outstanding tour guide (Sothy) and drier (Chuerm) who both contributed to a fantastic first experience of Cambodia. Sothy had excellent English and showed great understanding of a wide range of topics. The tour exceeded all of our expectations.

Clare Percival & family (UK) March 2010
Everything we have experienced on this tour has been of the very highest standard. Our guide Syden is excellent, his knowledge, personality and enthusiasm is excellent. Our driver Sary is also superb. Together they have looked after us very very well and our young son (3 yrs) has loved the attention they lavished on him. I cannot imagine a better team. Everything was perfect.

Jim & Maya Gauvreau (USA) March 2010

The early start to our day allowed us to see places without crowds and also ahead of the heat. Our visit to the jungle temple enshrouded with trees was the most memorable. The flexibility of our guide (Phirum) and driver (Tony) was wonderful. We will have decades of fond memories of Cambodia because of them.

Bob & Eleanor Quigley (USA) February 2010
Our guide Polrith was informative, enthusiastic, personable and funny.

August Boeck (Germany) February 2010
Polrith our guide has greatly impressed us with his excellent knowledge and outstanding competence in introducing us to the elements of the history, culture and achievements of the Angkor monuments. He is a paradigm of the perfect guide, we are grateful that we had the chance to have him. His knowledge of flora and fauna impressed us greatly, particularly as I am a biologist.

Stephanie Fitch & Angela Everitt (UK) February 2010
Chamroeurn really brought Cambodia alive for us with his wealth of information about its culture and history, his attention to detail and meeting all our needs.

Richard & Susan Croft (UK) February 2010
We liked the comprehensive number of temples visited and the explanations of their purpose and their development, as well as the willingness of our guide (Chamrong) to stop and speak to local people and explain their way of life.

Dr & Mrs Frances Fildes (UK) February 2010
All of the Angkor sites are breathtaking but we particularly enjoyed Ta Prohm at dawn and we were amazed by the Tonle Sap. Angkor Wat and the Bayon lived up to our expectations. Also the HanumanAlaya is an excellent hotel with wonderful staff and service.

Glenda Biggs (UK) February 2010
Both our guide (Samol) and driver (Mongkol) were outstanding. All the trips were excellent in particular the boat trip to the Tonle Sap.

Nicola Gawler (New Zealand) February 2010
The tour was fantastic. For a 1st time visit to Siem Reap it took away all the guesswork and made great use of the short time I had. I saw everything I expected to see and my guide was informative and always checking whether there was something else I wanted to see. I would definitely recommend Hanuman tours, and the guide, Sinath, who had fantastic English, to family and friends coming to Angkor.

Dr Ashley & Mrs Rosemary Crichton (UK) February 2010
We ere delighted with our guide Khemra, driver and hotel. We loved our short stay here. Khemra taught us some Cambodian and took us to some local villages – I do think that a lot of tourists miss out on the real country and real people. Thank you for a brief but wonderful holiday here – I do hope that we can come again and stay for weeks rather than days!

Monika Szczepaniak (UK) January 2010
The tour guide, Kunthear, was awesome! Thanks to Kun I saw so much more than just tourist places of interest. Not every day you get invited to a real Cambodian wedding and I loved the Elephant Project too.

Richard Hall (UK) January 2010

Our guide Hong and driver were both outstanding, discreet and thoughtful.

Irene Ing (USA) January 2010
We liked that our guide, Chamroeun, shared his personal experiences. He was good at judging our interests, he was considerate and thoughtful and he responded to our needs.

Sheela Bajaj (India) January 2010
We were very pleased with our guide Say, we learned a lot from him about Cambodia. He was very professional, courteous and very accommodating. He was knowledgeable and took great pains to make sure he exceeded our expectations.

Dr Philip Riley (UK) January 2010
This tour has given us a fascinating and astonishing insight to a wonderful country. The attention to detail, flexible, friendly and accommodating guide, Tinh, he was exceptional and proud of his country.

Alex Cosgrove (UK) January 2010

We had a very knowledgeable guide in Chamrong, pointing out a lot of things we would have definitely walked right past. We were able to see things without the crowds – the early starts were worth it! And he definitely knew the best places even when it was busy.
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